7 Event Planning Tips for Virtual Assistants

Assisting with event planning is a service many clients need help with.  There are many parts of the event planning process that can be done with the help of a virtual assistant.

Events planning can include online events, video based or webinar style events, and events that are held in conference rooms, hotels, or event centers.  In this blog we will be discussing tips for planning an event or training at a physical location.  Regardless of what kind of event you are helping to execute, there are a lot of questions you should ask your client early on in the planning stage in order to assure a successful partnership.

Listed below are some key questions you should discuss with your client before starting to work together.

  1. What is the projected date and location for the event?
  2. How many guests will attend the event or what is the attendance goal?
  3. What is the budget for facilities rental?
  4. Will there need to be catering or other food/drink services?
  5. Will there be audio/visual needs?
  6. What are the must-have elements for the event?
  7. Are there specific things they don’t want at the event?

Once you have discussed these questions with your client, some of the areas you can offer your assistance would be:

  1. Creating and/or managing an event checklist.
  2. Developing a budget for the event – don’t forget to include your services.
  3. Researching facilities – send list of options to your client to review. Be sure to give a review deadline so that you don’t lose room availability dates.
  4. Get estimates for food/drinks (if needed).
  5. Plan publicity/marketing.
  6. Book or communicate with the speaker on deadlines for marketing materials, audio/visual needs, etc…
  7. Understand and inform guests on parking, hotel, and transportation options for guests attending the event.
  8. Prepare an event evaluation form.

Regardless of the type of event you’re helping with, there is plenty of opportunity for virtual assistance.  The more you can do, or offer to do for your client the more they will want to work with you on any future events they may have.

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