Can I Work as a VA Without Having Strong Technical Abilities?

So, you are not a tech guru, is there still virtual work that you can do?  The simple answer is yes.

Many small business owners need help with tasks that will require someone with a background in web design or web maintenance, social media management, graphic design or even email marketing, however there are still plenty of outsourced tasks that require administrative experience.

To be successful as a virtual assistant, you don’t have to offer everything to a client, but you do need to offer what you do best.

Below are some administrative tasks that many small business owners outsource that won’t require strong technical abilities.

  •         travel planning
  •         database management
  •         event planning
  •         ghost writing
  •         making phone calls
  •         organizing lists
  •         updating curriculum
  •         preparing holiday cards

As long as you are clear about your abilities when working with a client, there should be no problems.  A client wants to work with someone they can trust to do the job that they are outsourcing, so always speak up if a requested task is outside your professional ability.

These days, virtual work reaches from one end of the spectrum to the other.  Being confident in your abilities and clearly stating your professional strengths and weaknesses, as a virtual assistant, should help keep you in demand and enjoying the work you do, without the stress of feeling under-qualified or unemployable.

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