Digital Clutter Is a Reality In Business

When you think about spring cleaning, you generally think about your surroundings- -your home, your car, the backyard.  Most business owners (including you), need to spring clean their digital “house”.

Digital clutter is a reality that we all deal with on a daily basis as we conduct much of our lives and business dealings electronically through computers, tablets and even on our smartphones.

Sometimes digital cleaning is about restoration. Spring may be the right time to get online accounts back in order.  When is the last time you went through your Amazon wish list, worked on organizing your social media accounts or revisited learning how to use them correctly?

Dealing with digital clutter or digital restoration is a great task to take on in your own business or to offer as a virtual service.  Feeling empowered by your digital world instead of bogged down by it can help you be more efficient, more productive and ultimately more successful.

How can you help your clients declutter their digital “house”?  Offer any of the following services:

Sort & Delete Email Messages

  • Go through their inbox and identify the emails that they want to keep vs. discard.
  • Take out and file email attachments.
  • Create specific folders by topic or by sender’s name and move emails accordingly.
  • Unsubscribe from newsletters, retail offers, or others industry specific emails that your client tells you he/she does not have time to look at and finds no value with.

Web Browser

  • Organize your clients online bookmarks.
  • Create folders that makes sense to the links they are bookmarking.
  • Clear the history, cache, cookies, and old temp file.

Documents (files)

  • Sort files into 3 categories…Keep , Trash and Backup and then ask your client to review for accuracy.
  • Create folders for e-docs cluttering up their desktop.  Suggest a filing systems that has worked for you.
  • Determine if your customer should move any files to an external hard drive, CD or other back-up system.  Photos should be included in this process.

Social Media

  • Unfollow people that do not influence or add value to you or your client’s business.
  • Follow social media users that add value or are influential to your client’s business.
  • Join industry related groups on LinkedIn.
  • Attend or host a TweetChat for your client.
  • Organize your client’s followers/friends into lists.
  • Re-engage their business in social media if they have stepped away from it.
  • Suggest Social Apps to load onto their smartphone for easy access to each platform.

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