Don’t Get TRICKED into a Virtual Job You Don’t Want

Starting out as a virtual assistant can be very exciting but also a little confusing.  Where do you to begin? How do you promote yourself? How do you know what to charge? How do you find clients? The list is endless!

Below are a few tips that will help make your first, or next virtual job more of a treat than a trick.

In order to become a successful VA, you need to know how to market yourself.

We suggest that if you are serious about this profession, you invest in  a professional website and become active on social media.  There are many templated web builder programs that are affordable and provide wonderful design elements.  Most social media sites are free, but do require a time investment.

Your website should include the following information:

  • What virtual services you can offer a client
  • Your billing process
  • Your rates or fees
  • Be sure to have an updated headshot and bio on your website
  • Client testimonials (if you have any)

When you find a prospective client, remember that the interviewing process is a 2-way street. Most clients will want to interview you, but be sure to also  interview THEM!  Just as your client needs to be sure you are a good fit for their company, you need to be sure this client is a good fit for you!

Review each other’s:

  • Personalities
  • Job expectations
  • Work schedules. Some clients that are on the East Coast, may need a VA that is located within the same time zone.
  • Communication preferences.  Email may work well for some clients, while others prefer to Skype or talk on the phone.

Essentially, if you have the passion, drive and focus to work hard and build your career as a virtual assistant, there is nothing stopping you from becoming a very successful entrepreneur.

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