How to Keep Your Clients Happy

Most clients want these 3 things from their virtual assistant (VA) - great customer service, excellent work quality and reliability! Conquer those and you should be able to keep your clients happy and long-term.

But how exactly can that be done?

1. Provide excellent response time and clear communication. Determine early in your relationship how your client likes to communicate with you and stick with that, unless you hear otherwise. Some clients will prefer email correspondence, while others will want to talk on the phone or exchange text messages with you. Many clients are also utilizing centralized online locations to share work, like Basecamp or Google Docs.

2. Ask questions if you do not understand what is expected of you, and repeat back what you hear. This is a great way to keep clear communication between yourself and your client and avoid miscommunication.

3. When speaking to your client, always be cheerful and encouraging. No one wants to talk to a “Debbie-downer”. Even if you are having a bad day, try not to let your personal issues cause negativity in your conversation.

4. When appropriate, give feedback or suggestions. This will obviously depend on your working relationship, but many clients appreciate constructive feedback or suggestions. Good ideas can lead to additional work for you.

5. Never miss a deadline. If you know when your client needs to have the work completed, do it early or at the very least by the deadline. And, if something happens that will cause your work to be late, be sure to give your client as much notice as possible. Most clients will forgive a missed deadline once, maybe even twice, but there is no excuse beyond that. Remember they are entrusting you with part of their business, so don’t let them down.

Remember, virtual assistance is a service-based business. To succeed and grow as a VA you must provide awesome service, great follow-through with tasks, and be trustworthy. The cream always rises to the top, so strive for excellence and keep your clients happy and wanting to work with you exclusively.

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