“I’m a virtual assistant” The Good, The Bad, and The Opportunity

The good news: Virtual assistance is quickly growing in popularity.
The bad news: A large part of the population doesn’t know virtual assistance exists.
The opportunity: You can help educate those people and may be just the solution they need!
Try this. Tell new people you meet that you are a virtual assistant. Chances are many of them will have a blank smile on their face. Their eyebrows may raise a little, and now and then you’ll get a little nod of the head. That seems to be the universal look for “Huh. That sounds interesting but I wonder what it is.” Guess what… That’s also the look of opportunity. You can be the person to introduce virtual assistance, and if they realize that they or someone else they know could benefit from a virtual working relationship and the services you provide, you have found a new client or referral source.
Of course you will need to be able to explain what a virtual assistant is in a way that they can easily be understood. Keep in mind that different people and groups will respond to different explanations, will have different needs and seek different benefits. Ideally you will know who your ideal clients are, and will be able to explain what you do as a virtual assistant that will interest them. If you aren’t sure how to do this, refer to the VA Quickstart written manual for activities that will walk you through the process.
This is a wonderful time for virtual assistants. The client pool is huge and for skilled VAs who know where to find potential clients and how to communicate with them, the possibilities are endless. Take advantage of this time. Prepare and take action!

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