Virtual Executive Assistant for CEO of cyber-security company

Assistant Match has an exciting opportunity for a U.S. based virtual assistant to act as the Executive Assistant and Chief of Staff for a group of businesses run by two busy CEOs. (Please read this description thoroughly prior to responding). This is an independent contractor position.

 The main client for this position is Chuck. He runs and is invested in multiple.  businesses, with his main one being an AI cyber-security company that works with large corporations. He needs an experienced executive assistant or project manager to assist with the following.

 Manage and streamline daily processes for client 

  • Email Management - Proactively work his inboxes. Delete/unsubscribe from spam, respond to emails you can figure out, prioritize emails for him to respond to.   
  • Manage personal and work schedule.  Coordinate meeting times, locations, etc. Understanding of general locations around his area and drive times between those locations. He needs help with not overbooking and making sure he has enough time for his wife, daughter, and hobbies. Proactively review his calendar and eliminate conflicts (understanding travel times, downtime between meetings, and urgency and priority). 
  • Travel Arrangements.  Book both business and personal travel. Create itineraries, compile travel information and ensure details are handled.  
  • Setting meetings. Call/email/coordinate with assistants of high-level executives to schedule meetings with the client  
  • Misctasks. Handle admin items that come up and need to be ordered, researched, etc.

Light Accounting,  

            Bill pay, invoicing, recording transactions, monthly reconciliation and closing for a few companies.  

 Manage business operations

  • Project Tracking.  Keep track of projects and team tasks and status. Keep To Do List up to date. Coordinate with assignees on due dates and status.   
  • Meeting Facilitation Support.  Assist with the weekly Level 10 Meeting and quarterly strategic planning meetings by updating artifacts, statuses, and metrics reports.  
  • System Account Management create/update user accounts for the tools used in the businesses. Periodically audit these and clean them up.  
  • Contract Document Coordination - Coordinate the completion and storage of contractual documentation for suppliers, customers, and employees. 
  • Social Media/Marketing (LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter/Insta).  Work with his marketing team to help him to better market himself and the company with various social media and marketing support tasks.  
  • Meeting notes and Action Item tracking.  Use an AI meeting note taker, summarize the meetings, store notes in gsuite share and distribute.   
  • Document editing/preparation.  Review documents for spelling, grammar, etc.  Prepare/format documents to corporate standard. 

 Tools used: 

  • Quickbooks Online 
  • Zoho CRM 
  • Google Suite - Mail, documents, shares, sites, presentation, etc. 
  • LinkedIn / LinkedIn Sales Navigator 
  • Twitter 
  • American Express Account Manager 
  • PDF Writer 

The client has experience working with assistants throughout his career and knows he needs someone experienced, assertive and detail oriented who can track projects and pull things off his plate. The person needs to have the ability to quickly learn things and confidence to perform high-level tasks. This should be a solution-oriented person who is able to manage a busy client’s day to day. 

 Assistants who have struggled with him have either waited for him to assign tasks and give more direction (rather than suggesting things they could take off his plate), or did not have solid EA skills (like asking him how to manage email accounts rather than teaching him). Many of his past assistants who succeeded in the role have been promoted to higher level positions within his companies as the businesses grew. The same may be true of this position. Chuck is very successful in business, busy and friendly. He is eager to get assistance.

 He will need 10 hours per week to start, with those numbers increasing, potentially to full time in the future, if desired. He is in Virginia, has team members in the US and India, and needs someone based in the USA who can work Eastern hours. His assistant will need to be on operational meetings on Tuesdays from 8:30-10:00am ET, to help facilitate, take notes, and manage logistics.  

 If you are interested in being considered, please reply to [email protected] with an overview of what makes you a strong candidate. Include your requested hourly rate or rate-range. If you know your DISC profile, include that information in your email. (His top candidates will need to complete a DISC Classic 2.0 assessment prior to interview. If you do not know your profile, you do not need to take the assessment just yet.)

 Top candidates will be introduced to the client next week for interviews. The position should begin the second week of July.

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