Recession Safe Career: Virtual Assistant

The news is full of doom and gloom in the economy and work world. Even conversations with friends turn to stories of layoffs and reduced paychecks. Although it may seem that everyone is being affected in a negative way by the economy, virtual assistants continue to thrive.

Virtual assistants (VAs) provide administrative assistance to a handful of clients, and work from home rather in their clients’ office. They do anything from basic secretarial duties to more advanced functions like project management, online marketing assistance, or bookkeeping. VAs primarily serve entrepreneurs and small business owners, although larger companies are also choosing to work with them in increasing numbers.

During a down economy, individuals who cannot afford to work with a full time employee anymore are choosing to work with a virtual assistant. They get a talented professional to produce high quality work, and they do not have the extra costs of providing supplies or technology, of paying for payroll tax and benefits, or of even guaranteeing a certain number of hours per week. VAs bill only for the time they work directly on their client’s projects.

The businesses that will continue to flourish are the ones that focus on increasing income, rather than just cutting costs. Virtual assistants allow that to occur. VAs take care of the important but time consuming details of a business, and allow the owner to spend time on the activities that will generate income. Sure, scheduling appointments, formatting documents, and weeding through email are important, but if a VA takes care of those types of responsibilities, the business owner is free to make more sales and increase revenue.

There has already been a rise in the number of small businesses working with a virtual assistant since the economy has become more difficult, and with over 26 million small businesses in the U.S., that will continue to grow.

If you are interested in being a virtual assistant, take the time to learn from successful ones who have come before you. Although there is enough work to go around, without knowing the keys to finding clients, keeping them happy, and structuring finances in a way that will allow you to make a profit, a virtual assistant will not succeed as easily. Consider being mentored by an established virtual assistant, or take part in the Virtual Assistant Quickstart program that will prepare you to have a booming business. With some preparation and work, being a virtual assistant can be a lucrative and enjoyable career in any financial climate.

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