Time Management Tip: Chunk Your Day

Many virtual assistants struggle with managing their time. Some work all day, and since the office is at home, they can work all night completing projects, looking for new clients, researching virtual tools, using social networking sites… Sometimes this time in front of the computer pays off, but for many, it’s time spent without much to show for it.

Others find that their focus is pulled in other directions. Laundry needs to get done, they don’t want to miss Oprah, they spend an hour talking with the neighbor who was outside walking the dog… Next thing they know, the day is almost over and little work was done to grow their business or assist their clients to the best of their ability.

If you have difficulty with time management, chunk your day. Schedule your day so you complete what is needed. If you need to spend time following up with new business leads, schedule it on your calendar for an hour chunk. Need to complete a project for one of your clients? Add a 90 minute chunk to your calendar. This works for fitting in workouts and other personal time as well as business items. If it’s scheduled on a calendar, most people will commit to doing that activity at the scheduled time.

Commit to focusing on the tasks you schedule and not letting phone calls, emails, or anything else interrupt you. Chances are you will find yourself much more productive, you will have more to show for your workday, and you will have more free time.

What are other time management tricks you use in your day?

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