Two Common Virtual Assistant Blunders

Sure, we all make our fair share of mistakes in life, but isn’t better when we can learn from ones that other people have made, so we do not have to repeat them? Well, you are in luck! Here are two common blunders that virtual assistants make that you will want to avoid.

1. “Cross Your Fingers” marketing. This happens to many new virtual assistants. They know they have the skills and motivation to be an outstanding VA! They have the business name, website, and service offerings all in place. Then they sit at their computers, cross their fingers, and wait for clients to find them. That is a marketing strategy that has failed for everyone who has tried it. Successful VAs know where and how to find clients. They have an effective marketing plan created, and they do the activities needed to meet prospective clients.
2. Undervaluing your services. Just because you think it’s easy to do the responsibilities you do for your clients, doesn’t mean you should be giving all of your time away for pennies. Your clients come to you because they are willing to pay the right person to do tasks they do not want to do. If you have a high skill level in a certain area, be sure your rates reflect that. Seeing very advanced virtual assistants barley making ends meet working more than 40 hours per week is difficult when it’s apparent they could make just as much in half of the time if they raised their rates and worked with clients who see the value they add. There is a sweet spot where your client is getting great value for what they are paying and you are making the income you need to be happy. Find that place, and live there!

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