Work Option When Caring For An Elderly Parent

Being a stay at home Mom or Dad is not the only reason to consider becoming a professional virtual assistant. Caring for an elderly parent, grandparent or friend is a growing responsibility in many households. There is a large number of middle-aged professionals (referred to as the Sandwich Generation) who are simultaneously caring for children and parents — that have left their normal 9am-5pm job to become an at-home caregiver.
According to a Pew Research study, most caregivers are women, about 45% are men. AARP research says most caregivers have jobs, but 70% are obliged to “make workplace adjustments”—coming in late or leaving early, for instance. (Forbes 7/14). This can hamper your job performance and add stress to an already overloaded day. Many who are working and caring for an elderly parent or grandparent eventually end up having to take a leave of absence or will decide to quit their job as health situations change.
Working as a virtual assistant is a viable option for those that still have some time in their day to utilize their professional skills. Virtual work offers the flexibility needed to still render elder care. Setting your work schedule around doctor appointments, in-home visits and other responsibilities can be accomplished if you take on the right kind of virtual work. Finding something that may not have hard deadlines or can be done during off-hours (such as night or early morning) is the ideal solution. It is important to have a home office that is quiet and the appropriate technology needed to do the work. Embracing virtual work can actually offer a great escape from the reality of being a care-giver. It allows you to focus on an activity that challenges you in a different way and provides you with some additional income.
The care of a parent or grandparent during their time of need is something that most of us will have to deal with as our family members age. Knowing that there are some work options available if you are put into a position that requires quitting your 9am-5pm job can make that transition a little less stressful.

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