Digital Clutter Is a Reality In Business

When you think about spring cleaning, you generally think about your surroundings- -your home, your car, the backyard.  Most business owners (including you), need to spring clean their digital “house”.

Digital clutter is a reality that we all deal with on a daily basis as we conduct much of our lives and business dealings electronically through computers, tablets and even on our smartphones.

Sometimes digital cleaning is about restoration. Spring may be the right time to get online accounts back in order.  When is the last time you went through your Amazon wish list, worked on organizing your social media accounts or revisited learning how to use them correctly?

Dealing with digital clutter or digital restoration is a great task to take on in your own business or to offer as a virtual service.  Feeling empowered by your digital world instead of bogged down by it can help you be more efficient, more productive and ultimately more successful.

How can you...

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Shared Workspaces for VirtualĀ Teams

Working virtually is usually as seamless as working down the hall. For times when sharing information with a virtual team member is more complex than what email will allow, there are virtual workspaces. For situations when you need to share files, timelines, calendars in order to be most effective, consider using one of the more popular and user-friendly options: BaseCamp, ClientSpot, and iMeetCentral.

Most have free versions and then different payment plans depending on how robust of a system you would like, and the number of users you will have. A virtual shared workspace is an excellent solution for virtual work teams.

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