Can I Work as a VA Without Having Strong Technical Abilities?

So, you are not a tech guru, is there still virtual work that you can do?  The simple answer is yes.

Many small business owners need help with tasks that will require someone with a background in web design or web maintenance, social media management, graphic design or even email marketing, however there are still plenty of outsourced tasks that require administrative experience.

To be successful as a virtual assistant, you don’t have to offer everything to a client, but you do need to offer what you do best.

Below are some administrative tasks that many small business owners outsource that won’t require strong technical abilities.

  •         travel planning
  •         database management
  •         event planning
  •         ghost writing
  •         making phone calls
  •         organizing lists
  •         updating curriculum
  •      ...
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The Top 5 Ways to Share Large Files

Sometimes file sharing is as easy as emailing clients back and forth. When files are too large to email or you want a place for them to “live” online, there are other plenty of options.

Below are some of the more popular file sharing programs that are free or inexpensive. They are easily used on a Mac or PC, and most have apps for handheld devices also.

  1. Google Drive allows you to store some of the more popular file types online (word, excel, powerpoint, and mac equivalents) and to share them with whoever you’d like. Since the documents live in Drive and are saved automatically, you know you are always looking at the most recent version. You can also download the documents to your computer.
  2. Dropbox is a solution where you can upload files and share the link or folder to someone else to access and download the file. The files can live in the folders as long as you’d like.
  3. Box is another similar solution that allows the user to upload files and share the link...
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Identify Your Ideal Clients

Virtual assistants have the ability to choose who they want to work with. In the beginning, many will work with anyone who comes their way in order to generate income, get experience, and establish themselves, but the virtual assistants who are most fulfilled are the ones working with clients who bring them joy. You are not an employee anymore and do not need to work with Jane or Joe just because they are down the hall.

During each interview I ask virtual assistants who their ideal clients are. Many new virtual assistants don’t know how to answer this question. Do you? Take a minute right now and see if you can verbalize who your ideal client is. If you are taking part in the VA Quickstart program, there is a section that walks you through identifying your ideal client.

Why is this important? Working with your ideal clients will allow you to work from a place of joy and strength. You will have the skills they need, you will be performing duties you enjoy, and your work styles...

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