Virtual Executive Assistant for CEO of cyber-security company

Assistant Match has an exciting opportunity for a U.S. based virtual assistant to act as the Executive Assistant and Chief of Staff for a group of businesses run by two busy CEOs. (Please read this description thoroughly prior to responding). This is an independent contractor position.

 The main client for this position is Chuck. He runs and is invested in multiple.  businesses, with his main one being an AI cyber-security company that works with large corporations. He needs an experienced executive assistant or project manager to assist with the following.

 Manage and streamline daily processes for client 

  • Email Management - Proactively work his inboxes. Delete/unsubscribe from spam, respond to emails you can figure out, prioritize emails for him to respond to.   
  • Manage personal and work schedule.  Coordinate meeting times, locations, etc. Understanding of general locations around his area and drive times between those...
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5 Tips to Help Promote your Virtual Assistant BusinessĀ 

Marketing your small business is important to raise your brand awareness and build a pipeline of qualified leads that can turn into customers.  

If you're struggling with a limited budget, time restraints, or even a lack of direction, a solid marketing plan can provide guidance as you scale your business. 

Here are 5 tips to consider when initially starting your marketing plan: 

  1.  Know Who Needs Your Help 

Understanding your target market’s pains, problems, triggering events, and priorities is essential in effectively marketing to them. Spend time networking and talking to other small business owners. Find out what they struggle with in their business. Read industry blogs, join online entrepreneur groups or listen to small business podcasts. Targeting the right audience with your value proposition can make all the difference in having a successful marketing campaign and attracting clients.  

  1.  Set Yourself Apart from Other...
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[FILLED] Virtual Job Opportunity for Social Media Community Manager

Uncategorized Apr 29, 2022

Assistant Match has an existing client that focuses on streamlining business practices to  be as productive as possible. Using a targeted, course driven curriculum they are needing assistance for social media community management.  This is a small company that is ready to explode with growth and is looking for a dedicated Community/Launch Manager. The position is looking to start at 5-7 hours a week and could easily grow with the right person.

Job Description / Requirements:

·         Manage aspects of a Facebook group by admitting new members

·         Moderate group to align with community standards

·         Invite targeted people to join the group

·         Join other communities to promote the group


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[FILLED] Virtual Job Opportunity

Uncategorized Apr 26, 2022

Assistant Match is searching for a virtual assistant to work with a global consulting firm. This role will start with assisting the CEO 10 hours per week, and may grow to take a larger role assisting the company as a whole.  

 Some of the responsibilities will include:  


  • Project coordination (ex: managing logistics for roundtables, following up with consultants on deliverables, ensuring requirements are met, ensuring invoices / payments processed accurately)  
  • Managing systems for easy access / synching of schedules and calendars (outlook, teams, android, across time zones)  

  • Researching information, reference material, images, tools  

  • Identifying, testing and implementing digital solutions to enhance productivity the company while enhancing customer experience  

  • Organizing content and Formatting Word and Power Point documents  

  • Creating and formatting Excel spreadsheets  

  • Booking...

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Being productive while working from home

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to affect us all, many
schools are closing and kids that are usually out of the house most of the day are suddenly home with you.  It can be a challenge to stay productive when unexpected events take place and kids need your attention. 
In my newest video, I'm sharing 4 simple tips that will create a productive and successful work environment, especially if you have children at home.
Invest in yourself by being mindful of your mental and physical health. It's okay to turn off the news, do something you love without hesitation, and be confident in knowing that when you take time for yourself, you'll feel better and have a positive impact on those around you.
If you have any questions about working from home, don't hesitate to contact us. We'd love to hear your best tips on being productive while working from home.
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Crush your next interview!

interviews Feb 26, 2020

Do you have anxiety about going through the interview process with a potential new client? I get it. Trying to sell yourself and your skills to a stranger can be nerve-racking. 

I have three effective and very simple tips for you that will make a huge difference the next time you have an interview.

No need to sweat - be prepared and go and crush that interview!

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Don't let success overwhelm you!

delegaion success support Oct 24, 2019
Are you going "batty" over all that you still have to accomplish this month, or are you "treating" yourself to a little break with a business that can maintain it's success without your full-time involvement?
What does success look like to you? Would taking on more work cause you to worry and be scared that you can't handle it by yourself?
Watch my video this month and try not to get SPOOKED by success and change. I promise, finding a way to implement assistance will not only help you business succeed, but it can change the amount of time you get to enjoy your life.
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How to handle the phrase: I can't afford you right now


One thing a virtual assistant (VA) will eventually hear from a potential client is: I can’t afford you right now.

When talking with a potential client, be clear on how you can increase their income. Provide them with a list of areas you can help them with. Is it bookkeeping, marketing, digital content, data management or something else?  Explain your expertise and how you have helped other business owners with your services. Be sure to discuss how you create systems and processes to keep organized and stay efficient.

By being prepared for this conversation, you can change the potential client’s internal dialogue from “I can’t afford you", to "I CAN’T afford to continue without you”.

As a VA, it’s important to be a great resource for your client. Are you implementing these basic technologies?

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Want to be a better virtual assistant?

Working with clients as a virtual assistant can be rewarding and provide you with more flexibility in your schedule.  Set your client and yourself up for success by making feedback a priority!

Here are five ways to keep the lines of communications open with a new or existing client:

1.        Make sure you check-in with your client often

2.        Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you are ever confused with your assignment.

3.        Find out if your client prefers phone calls, texting or email to communicate.

4.        Be 100% clear and honest in turnaround time expectations.

5.        Provide feedback to your client on how they can be a better client for you

What steps do you take to ensure a successful VA/client relationship? 

Need more tips on how to keep...

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How to Keep Your Clients Happy

Most clients want these 3 things from their virtual assistant (VA) - great customer service, excellent work quality and reliability! Conquer those and you should be able to keep your clients happy and long-term.

But how exactly can that be done?

1. Provide excellent response time and clear communication. Determine early in your relationship how your client likes to communicate with you and stick with that, unless you hear otherwise. Some clients will prefer email correspondence, while others will want to talk on the phone or exchange text messages with you. Many clients are also utilizing centralized online locations to share work, like Basecamp or Google Docs.

2. Ask questions if you do not understand what is expected of you, and repeat back what you hear. This is a great way to keep clear communication between yourself and your client and avoid miscommunication.

3. When speaking to your client, always be cheerful and encouraging. No one wants to talk to a...

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