Recession Safe Career: Virtual Assistant

The news is full of doom and gloom in the economy and work world. Even conversations with friends turn to stories of layoffs and reduced paychecks. Although it may seem that everyone is being affected in a negative way by the economy, virtual assistants continue to thrive.

Virtual assistants (VAs) provide administrative assistance to a handful of clients, and work from home rather in their clients’ office. They do anything from basic secretarial duties to more advanced functions like project management, online marketing assistance, or bookkeeping. VAs primarily serve entrepreneurs and small business owners, although larger companies are also choosing to work with them in increasing numbers.

During a down economy, individuals who cannot afford to work with a full time employee anymore are choosing to work with a virtual assistant. They get a talented professional to produce high quality work, and they do not have the extra costs of providing supplies or technology, of paying...

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Smartsheet for Greater Efficiency

Looking for a great tool to help you organize your business and clients, and just be more efficient in general? Smartsheet may be your answer. They have created an online program that feels like Excel, but allows you to do so much more.
You can access your Smartsheet anywhere, use it as a collaboration space with your clients, and personalize the look, feel and functions of your files as much as you want.
To get a better feel for what is offered, check out some VA-specific starter templates at The basic account is free.
The founder of Smartsheet led a webinar for VA Quickstart Network members recently, and we were all impressed with how in-tune they are with virtual assistants, and how easily Smartsheet can increase efficiency for a VA. Experience it for yourself!

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What’s in a Name? Select Your Email Address Carefully

How you present yourself to potential clients can make or break a relationship. First impressions are always important, and in a virtual world, those impressions are often phone and email.

If you are promoting yourself as a professional service provider, have your email address reflect the same. Having a business domain name as your email address is best ([email protected]) but if you do not have a website yet, at least have a professional email address. [email protected] or [email protected] may be descriptive of you in your everyday life, but for clients it is better to have a business address.

So what’s more professional? Use something like [email protected] or [email protected] until you have a domain purchased for your business. Stay away from aol addresses, or an email address that you may have to change if you move or change internet providers.

I know this may seem minor to people, and there may be questions of if an email address is...

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